teachers gift guide

everyone has an amazing teacher in their life; be it a friend or your child's teacher. o've compiled just a few ideas to celebrate that special teacher and i asked the teachers in my life for their feedback, too. take a look!

*some links are affiliate links, which means i get a small commission if you purchase an item. using my affiliate links helps keep my own business costs down at no cost to you!


coffee mug is a staple in a teacher's arsenal. this one from etsy store, swayer ceramics, is so unique and handmade!

a cooling eye mask to relax after a long day of teaching and parent conversations is a must. and this mask from anthropologie is divine. even better? add on soothing bath salts from asutra to soak away the day. 

i use this soothing face mist from glossier myself and it's the perfect midday pick-me-up for your skin and energy. 

i'm seriously adding this starter pack coffee subscription from atlas to all my gift guides! it's a genius and cost effective way to gift someone with new coffee without sending too much bulk. 

something turquoise wrote up this amazing tequila DIY gift a few years ago, but i think it's super cute and has the option for so many variations!


oh erin condren. you just get me. this teacher's lesson planner is beautiful, teacher-tester, and so damn functional! 

teachers love pens. it's just a common truth lol. these writing pens and 

rainbow sharpies were specifically requested by my teacher friends. 

since teachers are on their feet everyday, comfy shoes are a must. and i just love my rothy flats - so comfy, ethically made, and easy to clean. 

and finally, magnetic frames for white boards like these from etsy are a quick and easy way your special teacher can bring their personality into their workspace!

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