the only 2021 design trend that matters

new year means new conversations about new design trends. and that can make a lot of use feel lost or *behind the curve*. lucky for you, i have your secret weapon. the only design trend that matters:

if i fits, i sits.

no, i haven't lost it and i'm not talking about this (very funny) cat meme. this phrase is simply my mantra for design - and i'm sharing it with you! it means to do what you love, always. if you have a good, gut feeling about a chair? go get that chair. do you want to paint your dining room a bold color that you don't see permeating your insta feed? doooo it.

design doesn't have to be about trends so much as about feeling. about vibe. when i think of the 'if i fits, i sits' mantra for a space in my home or in a client's home, i start by thinking about how i want to use that space and what the vibe needs to be for it to work. there are always the nitty gritty rules to follow in terms of size (i.e. you cannot buy a sofa that won't fit through your door, okay? you don't want that drama), etc. but by and large, if you can hone your vibe, you will create a space you love.

that is all that matters.

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